• Dave Corbet

Maximising our potential at Lake District National Park

1. What was the original challenge or goal that led you to engage Greengage?

To maximise the performance of the staff at the authority. Starting from the top and cascading down. We wanted to get the most from each individual employee and improve the way we work collectively as an organisation. The organisation I inherited did training in the past which focused in specialisms, which wasn’t focused, consistent, or cross organisational – individuals had been ‘plucked out’ and ‘sheep dipped’.

We wanted to create individual development journeys and grow competence in cross-organisational working for people in leadership positions.  

"What we got from Greengage has empowered the organisation."

2. What did Greengage do for you?

Initially, Greengage worked with us to develop a tailored programme for the Senior Leadership Team; Team Leaders and the rest of the organisation. The package of activity rolled out a series of specific skills and competencies, including strategic thinking, authentic communication and self-awareness. They did this through training events, online resources and facilitated meetings and one to one sessions. This was then expanded through team health checks, they trained internal facilitators to take the approach into all parts of the organisation. 

We did some of the learning outside in the National Park – on a hill walk. It was a pivotal day. We took the conversation out of the building and we all remember it. I can remember very clearly the conversation. I know the changes we made as a result. It was a ‘fork in the road’ moment and it happened outside. We talked about developing more of that style of learning again – we’d like to do more.

3. What impact has that made in your business/organisation?

They made a significant lasting impact on the organisation - bigger and more impactful than I’ve ever seen before - It changed the language we use around here and - the tools they shared have stuck in the organisation. The culture has changed. Greengage have transformed the way we work. We have achieved a performance breakthrough.

We put our budget reduction exercise through the lens of the strategic thinking tools they teach to get a breakthrough. The alternative was to do it in a less empowering way. We put the tools to work in managing our budget reduction exercise - a live ‘business critical’ issue. I was gobsmacked about it  - it worked! We’re about to do it again! We feel more confident going into next round of budget reductions. What we got from Greengage has empowered the organisation.

4. What was the best thing about working with Greengage or the best thing they did for you?

The best thing was their professionalism. Their knowledge and approach is incredibly engaging. They hold our attention. I know the rest of the senior execs that worked with them found them incredibly engaging too.

The consistency of the approach – and how it works at a number of levels in the business from strategic conversations to coaching – is powerful. It now has high levels of use and recognition. The approach is consistently hardwired into the thinking of the business.

Richard Leafe, CEO, Lake District National Park Authority