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We don't deliver training programmes, we deliver practice programmes. The time we spend with clients is spent working on real life issues that are of immediate importance to those involved. This results in practical progress being made whilst at the same time developing the collaborative skills and mindset whilst building strong, productive relationships that are the bedrock of future collaboration.

"Makes what seems impossible, practical and achievable." 
Mike Culshaw, CHFT
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Our collaborative capacity building programmes are designed to equip leaders in the public sector with the insights and tools they need to work effectively across organisational, sector and professional boundaries to reform and transform the way the public sector delivers services.

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Here's what some of our clients say about the collaborative skills building programmes we deliver. Whether you are looking to break down the silos within your own organisation or need to get people working across organisational and professional boundaries let's start a conversation about how we can help you.

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Jason Eddlestone, CHFT

Greengage had a wide-ranging, far-reaching impact. They dealt with real issues: future focused on how the business would run and setting a new direction for the trust. It’s given us a structure for how we can effect change and made us think more about the potential source of change – not just being reactive but proactive.

The approach they adopt is amazing. I’ve learned a lot from them. The feedback I can give is really positive. The most important thing is that they have brought a toolkit that  itis incredibly powerful and it works. Greengage will have an impact on an organisation’s success in whatever field.

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Beverly Agass, SKDC

There is a real difference in the way people work and the way they relate to each other. It feels much more like the teams are now working for the whole organisation rather than just for their part of it.

We also have a common language and a set of tools that can help us deal with difficult issues. We can talk about challenging issues, get a conversation going and remind ourselves about what we agreed.

We’ve had lots of feedback about how much people valued being included in the process. People are using the tools and it has It has given them a ‘real buzz’.

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Richard Leafe, LDNPA

They made a significant lasting impact on the organisation - bigger and more impactful than I’ve ever seen before - It changed the language we use around here and - the tools they shared have stuck in the organisation. The culture has changed. Greengage have transformed the way we work. We have achieved a performance breakthrough. 


Their knowledge and approach is incredibly engaging. They hold our attention. I know the rest of the senior execs that worked with them found them incredibly engaging too.

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