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We have over 20 years hands on experience helping organisations like yours solve the conundrum of practical collaboration. Our in depth knowledge can help you accelerate along the change curve to implement solutions that work.

Whether its developing an OD strategy, creating a more collaborative culture or hands on support for teams that need to work together to deliver something extraordinary we have a superb track record of designing and delivering bespoke consultancy projects that engage and empower people to deliver exceptional results.These range from supporting organisations that want to integrate two services through to key individuals to change the way they work.


"Greengage will have an impact on an organisation’s success in whatever field."

Jason Eddleston, Assistant Director for HROD, CHFT

Bespoke Consultancy




A wide angle view of what works in creating collaborative cultures.

OD & Consultancy Projects

Below are a few examples of specialist OD and consultancy we have delivered to our clients to support their move towards creating a more collaborative organisation.


Embedding collaborative behaviours

Greengage worked with Manchester City Council to help us develop a range of tools to embed the Council's new behaviours, the Our Manchester behaviours. The council had identified a need to bring the behaviours to life for staff through tools that could work across the breadth of a hugely diverse organisation. Greengage worked to develop and test a range of easy to use tools which were really practical and usable to staff and supported the team in getting leadership buy-in to the new toolkit. 

."The Our Manchester behaviours toolkit developed for us by Greengage has been really well received across the organisation – people are using it and we're hoping it'll have a tangible impact on embedding our new ways of working" 

Sam McVaigh Head of Workforce Strategy, HROD, Manchester City Council


Creating an integrated Stroke


Greengage were asked by Bradford Teaching Hospitals and Airedale NHS Foundation Trusts to support them to achieve their commitment to develop a single stroke service for the whole area. Greengage worked with clinicians and managers to identify the key challenges faced by the collaboration and designed a series of bespoke interventions to support the work. 

"We have made an amazing amount of progress on the collaboration project in a short space of time. Stroke performance (SNAAP) scores also improved due to using a collaborative approach to improvement.  Personally I have learned a lot from Greengage and have valued their in-depth expertise in reaching points of agreement rather than points to disagree on. They have helped me understand the value of OD in helping build collaboration and have come to the realisation that is part of the glue that makes a collaboration project succeed. The way Greengage work really supported clinicians to see past the many challenges and focus on solutions – what they can do rather than what they can’t do. This has given people confidence that we can make progress and unblock some of the most difficult issues."

Sayma Mirza, Head of collaboration for stroke services, Bradford and Airedale


OD strategy for the collaborative organisation

Greengage were asked to support internal staff to develop an innovative OD strategy to take the organisation from good to outstanding. The challenge was to build on existing successful OD activities but to broaden the scope so that OD had a greater impact on those areas of the organisation that were resistant to change. Early conversations identified an opportunity to take a much more inclusive approach to OD strategy development, one that modelled the caring, empowering culture the organisation wants to create.

"What’s great about the Greengage approach to OD is that it creates a series of practical actions that you can take to create a truly collaborative culture." 

Suzanne Dunkley,

Executive Director for workforce and OD,

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

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