Coaching agreement

Thank you for booking a coaching for wellbeing session. Please read the text below so you know what to expect from the session. We look forward to meeting you.

1/ This agreement is for coaching to be provided by Dave Corbet of Greengage Consulting Ltd. By participating in the coaching you agree to the points below.

2/ The purpose of the coaching support is to help you create the right frame of mind to contribute effectively and look after your own wellbeing. Examples of the issues that this support can help with include:

  • Exploring fears and anxieties that might prevent you from working effectively or around returning to work.

  • Re-building your confidence after a break from work.

  • Working through anything that troubles you at work.

  • Finding the resources to look after your own wellbeing so that you don’t burn out or

    get over stressed.

  • Anything else that will help you feel in the right frame of mind to feel confident about

    work or returning to work.


3/ This support is coaching and does not provide a substitute for psychotherapeutic support where that is necessary. As such the client is responsible for their own choices and actions and the coach is not liable for any direct or indirect consequences of the client’s action or inaction.

4/ The contents of the coaching sessions are entirely confidential between the client and the coach.

5/ The only records that are kept are the client’s name, a two-word summary of the reason for accessing the support and the organisation they work for, purely for contract purposes. Other than this no records of the conversation the client has with the coach are made or kept.

6/ The client will be invited to complete an anonymous assessment of the impact of the coaching support to help NHS improvement assess the effectiveness of the programme. The anonymous content of the assessment may be quoted to tell others about how this support can help them.

7/ All sessions are delivered by Dave Corbet of Greengage Consulting Ltd and are delivered remotely via Teams or Zoom.

9/ By participating in the coaching session you agree that you may be contacted in the future to verify that the coaching took place.

10/ If for any reason you can't make the session please let the coach know so that the session can be offered to someone else. Paid sessions are transferable to another date up to 7 days in advance of the date booked. Once booked, payments are non-refundable. 

Who is Dave Corbet?

Dave is an experienced coach with over 20 years’ experience of coaching, predominantly in the NHS and local government. Dave has worked extensively with NHS Trusts and has coached numerous consultants and trust executives. Dave was educated at Cambridge University and worked alongside one of Britain’s top entrepreneurs before training as a coach. For over 25 years, Dave has had a regular mindfulness meditation practice and leads two regular meditation groups near his home. Dave is an NLP master practitioner and is trained in systemic constellations, voice dialogue and somatic coaching techniques.

Dave uses a coaching approach, supported by techniques and methodologies that have helped many people in crisis or facing overwhelming situations, these coaching session(s) will enable people to build their confidence and inner resources to carry on and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

What people say about coaching with Dave Corbet

  • Helped me reconnect with my existing place of calm and thoughtfulness.

  • The session gave me a whole new approach to tackling situations.

  • It provided me with a tool to use if in a similar situation again.

  • The session provided me with positive ways of tapping into my own resources.

  • Any staff member who feels too much under pressure from the existing system will benefit.

  • Practical ideas about how to resolve things and also some increased insight into my anxiety in general.

  • Was clear and thought provoking. To the point so I could see which way to go.

  • It was very helpful that the sessions were so flexible and centred around how I as a person interact with difficult situations

  • I found the somatic coaching and imagination based exercises to be very productive in terms of generating insight around difficulties that can seem very stuck at times.

  • A sympathetic listener, with cool head.

  • The sessions have been very positive; I have become much more confident and less anxious.

  • I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest but the session was amazing.

  • I really feel like I have achieved so much in the short time! I have gone from bursting into tears to being able to feeling calm about it all. Miraculous really.