• Dave Corbet

Top team building at Carlisle City Council

1. What was the original challenge or goal that led you to engage Greengage?

The challenge was to improve the performance of the senior management team and the wider middle management at Carlisle City. To change the culture, get to grips with what it is like and identify future goals.

"It had impact in the first session as we made a breakthrough in SMT performance."

2. What did Greengage do for you?

Initially they came to talk to us to hear what we wanted to achieve, to sense check that and see if there were any underlying objectives. This led to a series of workshops with the senior management team.

That was the first phase. The second phase is wider culture change work across the wider management team.

3. What impact has that made in your business/organisation?

It had impact in the first session as we made a breakthrough in SMT performance. The work left us with the capacity to be more open with each other and challenging of each other without fear of insulting or reducing the motivation of the team.

There were clearly shifts in team members. It gave us insights into our habitual ways of working. Two or three people have had a pretty significant shift in the way they work.  In the round, we are a more capable team. The work built trust so we are more able to understand each other, and more able to support each other. They shifted people from reluctant to contributing. Often using really simple questions. They work from a consistently simple but very sound position. They keep it really simple.  I always feel like we’re in safe hands. They establish rapport and trust with a group and build on it.

Greengage work bigger rooms too. They keep people together. Often in bigger settings with consultants you find 10-15 percent of people are left out. This is not the case with Greengage. They never allow people to be not included. You get good value and people feel they contributed.

4. What was the best thing about working with Greengage or the best thing they did for you?

The listening, the playing it back, then the co-producing a solution by way of engagement with the people. The skills and competencies of the pair of them (Dave and Ian.)The best part is having the confidence in them. You can bring them in and you know they will deliver. You don’t have to worry - it is going to be just right.

They did some work for us with scrutiny members. The scrutiny members raved about the work afterwards.

Any circumstance where performance or change management is an issue Greengage will be up to the task. They are very experienced in that area.

Darren Crossley, Assistant CEO, Carlisle Council