• Dave Corbet

Culture Change at Worcester City Council

1. What was the original challenge or goal that led you to engage Greengage?

Organisation-wide cultural change.  We needed to change the behaviours of the individuals so they could deliver the outcomes desired by the organisation. We particulalry wanted to change the way we were seen by partners.

"The Greengage product is so good that it needs a wider audience."

2. What did Greengage do for you?

They worked with me and the top team to design a set of values and behaviours for roll-out across the organisation. This was the first step. Then they worked with us to decide how best to effect that change across the whole organisation. They designed a collaborative leadership development programme tailored for all leadership positions within the organisation to give them the tools, techniques, abilities and confidence to effect that culture change amongst their teams.

Greengage continued to work with us to review the impact and outcomes, adding:

- a 360 Feedback process

- helped us design a new appraisal system

- worked with individual leaders in the top team to continue to build productive relationships and behaviours

- a programme of ‘talent spotting’ – they took a number of people and gave them techniques and tools to become ‘internal consultants’. This peer led challenge led to real improvements in the organisation. It gave the individuals a corporate focus, a raft of toolkits and new approaches, growing them as potential future leaders of the organisation.

3. What impact has that made in your business/organisation?

It’s a happier place to work. It’s a pleasure to come to work. Satisfaction with the council is up overall and we are up above average. (Although it’s not Greengage that is purely responsible, the work they did underpins everything, so credit flows to the system of which they were a part). Customer satisfaction with individual services us up. Individual performance is up. Collaborative working is now second nature. The organisation is more confident – we know we can do things now. We are now seen as a good partner now by our partners.

4. What was the best thing about working with Greengage or the best thing they did for you?

For me they gave me the confidence I was on the right track and they gave me the appropriate challenge.  They gave me a huge amount of personal support when it was tough going. Having Greengage to come and give you feedback which is honest and purposeful is like ‘gold dust.’

Duncan Sharkey, Managing Director,

Worcester City Council