• Dave Corbet

Change agent training for Cheshire East Council

1. What was the original challenge or goal that led you to engage Greengage?

The organisation was going through massive change. We needed to reach agreement about what we needed to do, in a short time scale. The context was budget reductions. We needed a complete change in approach. For us to achieve and move forward, a whole model change was required: we had rising demand and a reducing budget.

People described the training as “the best training we have ever had’” and said that they were more resilient back in the workplace.

2. What did Greengage do for you?

Training of change facilitators in the organisation: we trained a handpicked set of people who are leading discussions in the organisation – people leading projects and or who are in corporate roles. We wanted them to better manage a series of discussions and debates within the organisation.

3. What impact has that made in your business/organisation?

It helped us understand the context we are in and to understand how we can make a difference. The approach gave us practical tools for change particularly around goal setting and breakthrough thinking. The impact was immediate as we now have practical tools we can use in the workplace.

The main difference is that greengage have helped us stop a cycle of thinking that we can’t change things. They helped us create a mindset that what we want to achieve is do-able.

There is so much to do, that there was a feeling that the challenge is overbearing. However I know colleagues have already used the greengage approach to frame their work. It has been been quite profound. People described the training as “the best training we have ever had’” and said that they were more resilient back in the workplace.

4. What was the best thing about working with Greengage or the best thing they did for you?

You feel a team with them. You don’t feel like client-consultant – you feel like you’re a team.

Greengage are very authentic in their advice. When they respond to questions about what they might do in a particular situation/when faced with a specific challenge, the answer is authentic – I thought “yes you would actually do that.”

They are absolutely focused on what it is you want to achieve in your particular set of circumstances. They take the time to understand what you want to achieve and what you need rather than an ‘off the shelf’ product. They really take the time up front to find out what you want to achieve, what your needs are – which helps you with your thinking.

The tools are just so real and usable. The learning material, coaching cards and the book are great little tools to have.

Juliet Blackburn, Senior manager, Cheshire East Council