• Dave Corbet

Creating a collaborative culture at CHFT

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Greengage has worked with Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS trust to create a more collaborative and patient focussed culture.

The work we did had multiple facets. The trust had a clear strategy but less clarity about the behavioural changes that could underpin delivery of the strategy. We started with an analysis of existing feedback and engagement processes and helped the trust identify the key shifts that were essential to the success of the trust. This led to the four behavioural pillars which have gained a great deal of traction across the trust.

One of the key shifts in behaviour we identified was a desire to work more collaboratively, not just across departmental boundaries but also with partners across the system. We developed a two day programme available to all colleagues called Work Together to Get Results. This was delivered by internal staff after training from Greengage. The programme has been delivered to almost 1000 staff and has become an important resource for the organisation, not just in fostering greater collaborative working but also as a cornerstone of the trusts quality improvement process.

"Greengage had a wide-ranging, far-reaching impact. They dealt with real issues: future focused on how the business would run and setting a new direction for the trust. It’s given us a structure for how we can effect change and made us think more about the potential source of change – not just being reactive but proactive.

The approach they adopt is amazing. I’ve learned a lot from them. The feedback I can give is really positive. The most important thing is that they have brought a toolkit that  itis incredibly powerful and it works. Greengage will have an impact on an organisation’s success in whatever field."

Jason Eddlestone, Assistant director of HROD

“The Work Together Get Results programme developed for us by Greengage has become the cornerstone of our quality Improvement process.”